VR for Trade Shows and Events

Dominate the exhibit hall with the most compelling AR or VR booth experience

Deliver the WOW Factor

Today’s top brands dominate trade show exhibit halls year over year with interactive AR and VR experiences that generate huge buzz and return long lasting brand affinity.  Are you one of them?  New Reality Arts can help you craft unique interactive installations that rocket your company to the center of everyone’s attention.

VR for business
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Multi-user Collaboration

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360 degree environments

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Immersive interactive experiences

Branded Cardboard Viewers

Beyond The Event

Your trade show experience doesn’t have to end there.  Custom branded google cardboard viewers can be an ideal way to share the thrill of VR with everyone who visits AND their network outside the event.  We’ll connect you with trusted suppliers who can create the perfect give-away that will boost your VR engagement long after the exhibit floor closes.


Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual Reality Marketing (VR) can take your customers anywhere and let them be anyone by interacting with a virtual world custom-crafted to showcase your brand. Participants experience full immersion and emotional connection with your product and lifestyle, resulting in an immediate and long-lasting brand relationship.

Augmented Reality Experiences

While VR replaces one reality with another, Augmented Reality (AR) adds a layer of interaction to our familiar surroundings.  At tradeshows your AR experience becomes marketing your viewers can take home with them on their own mobile phone to share with others.