Development Showcase

New Reality Arts combines our expertise in marketing, storytelling, and analytics with a talented collective of developers who have created experiences of all kinds including games, e-commerce applications, 360 videos, and immersive installations for name brands around the world.   Let’s create together.


Featured works by our 360 video production partners.

LinkedIn, Hugo Boss, Frankfurt
Liz Rowley, Still Cottage Studios

Production Company: Storicraft
Director: Lex Halaby (Storicraft)
Editor/Graphics: Dakota Hopkins (LinkedIn)
VR Supervisor/DP: Marcus Johannes (Still Cottage Studios)
Post Supervisor: Robert “Fixer” Smith (Still Cottage Studios)
Nuke/CaraVR Artists: Seye Tesfazgy, Dan Bollwerk, Natalia Matveenko (Still Cottage Studios)
Rough Stitching Support: Kenhalo Bernet, Ray Sunglao (Still Cottage Studios)

Lowe’s Made in a Minute TeePee
Liz Rowley, Still Cottage Studios

Agency: BBDO
Production Company: 1st Ave Machine, Big Picture Company
Directors: Liz Rowley (Still Cottage Studios), Nico Casavecchia (1st Ave Machine)
VR Supervisor/DP: Marcus Johannes (Still Cottage Studios)
DP: Eloi Sanchez (1st Ave Machine)
Post Production: 1st Ave Machine

The North Face: Nepal
Natalie Mathe, NativeVR

Nathalie Mathe: VR Supervising, Stitching and compositing 360 degrees 3D-stereo video, Stop-motion animation sequence and compositing
Post-prod Studio: Jaunt
Production: Jaunt


Case Studies in VR and AR Magic

At New Reality Arts, we’ve created high-concept AR and VR experiences that ask ‘what is possible for advertising, marketing and e-commerce using frontier technologies?’

We believe that the best way to create any VR or AR experience at this early stage in the game is to start with the notion that anything is possible. No one can tell us yet what the limits may be, so why not act as if there are none?



Roko’s Basilica: Immersive Theatrical VR

Create an interactive installation at an event or festival.  Combine live action with digital experiences.

This project was created for an installation at Burning Man, but we see this as the future of experiential marketing. New Reality Arts co-created an experience that incorporated elements of immersive theater and virtual reality to give audience goers an experience that demanded they “Question Reality” in a big way. This article describes the experience more fully.

Producers: Metaverse Scholars Club, Dara Bonadkar, Cris Miranda, Maggie Lane, Eric Medine VR creator: James Blaha



The Metaobject: Virtual Products for The Future Of Shopping

Enhance any printed or digital advertisement (magazine, poster, billboard, online banner, social media) with layers of information, interaction, story, and experience to drive engagement and affinity and make everywhere a potential point of purchase.

Purchase is strongly motivated by experience.  Yet, as shopping increasingly moves online and out of the store, we’re left with a disconnect between the idea of a product and the experience of the product.

So how do we bridge that gap? Enter the Metaobject.

Any traditional ad unit – on the web, in social media, in print, or even on TV – can become a portal to your Metaobject. Now customers have the opportunity to physically interact with a virtual product in a mixed reality or fully immersive space.  Hotspots reveal informational content, ecommerce, animations, even immersive 360 video.

Turn your product into a Metaobject to drive brand desire and purchase everywhere your brand is found.

Learn more about mixed reality marketing.


Augmented Fortune Cookies: AR Playfulness

Add layers of discovery to physical products or promotional giveaways.

A large part of the delight in AR is the notion that there is something hidden in plain view, only discoverable with the magic of your device. Building upon that, we asked, what is more hidden than your future? Can we use technology to tell us what is to come?

We created fortune cookies that had within them tarot cards. When viewed through our app “Magical Wand”, a fortune teller comes to life, in thin air, and tells you what’s in store for you.

This project involved concept, packaging, character casting, staging, video content production, AR mobile app development, and physical product fabrication.