break on through with mixed reality marketing

Shaping your brand for the virtual world

We help name brands craft engaging Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences that reach customers across every medium.  Whether your brand needs to showcase a product or deepen customer relationships, New Reality Arts can design and develop robust Mixed Reality experiences that deliver results.

AR and VR lifts key marketing metrics such as Content Engagement, Brand Perceptions, Brand Behaviors and Brand Integration.  We’ll show you how to multiply the effectiveness and ROI of your physical products and traditional marketing assets by enhancing them with custom branded interactive experiences.

Are you ready to explore?

Enter the New Reality

Imagine the possibilities


Immersive Virtual Worlds

Dive deeper and create a powerful emotional connection to your customers by bringing your brand to life in an immersive VR experience.


3D Holographics

Did you know that you can create augmented experiences that jump from the screen as though they were actually 3-dimensional?  It’s true.  And we can show you how.  Imagine your product, mascot or virtual world experienced as though it were real.


New Reality MetaObjects

Our signature solution.  Visualize your product in AR or VR space with interactive hotspots that can hold video, animated tutorials, e-commerce links and much more.  Hint:  Multiply your exposure by leveraging our MetaObject Marketplace for product placement opportunities!


Bring Print & Digital Ads to Life

Transform your existing marketing materials into revenue-generating AR and VR experiences!  Your print ad, billboard, or online ad holds much more potential!  Simple assets can unlock layers of mixed reality interactivity.


Social Mixed/Augmented Reality

The power of AR is in its ability to keep people connected to their physical environment and each other while collaborating in virtual worlds.  Create games or adventures that bring communities together.


Experience Physical Products

Furniture has been a popular application for augmented reality but that’s just the beginning.  In AR and VR your customers can interact your product in detail in their own space, and then make a purchase directly from within that experience.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual Reality Marketing (VR) can take your customers anywhere and let them be anyone by interacting with a virtual world custom-crafted to showcase your brand. Participants experience full immersion and emotional connection with your product and lifestyle, resulting in an immediate and long-lasting brand relationship.

Augmented Reality Experiences

While VR replaces one reality with another, Augmented Reality (AR) adds a layer of interaction to our familiar surroundings.  Imagine your traditional marketing campaigns coming to life; your mascot jumps out from your billboard to greet travelers, or friends collaborate to play branded games that emerge from your product packaging.