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New Reality Arts crafts powerful Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences for name brands that transform ordinary marketing and advertising experiences into magical encounters that make things, people, stories appear out of nowhere.  Our AR VR experiences capture your customers’ imagination and time as they gaze in wonder at these new possibilities and engage playfully with your brand.

Now is the time to begin to craft and implement your augmented and virtual reality strategy, get ahead of your competitors and prepare yourself for the future. As industry leaders,  New Reality Arts is best positioned to help launch your brand successfully into the future with the best, most effective and well-imagined use for these new technologies.

The New Reality Difference

The Power of Story

Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences thrive on story and participation.  Either when fully immersed or when addressing virtual elements in a real space, the element of first-person control of the action makes the user an essential character in the story.  Unlike traditional marketing, viewers are no longer passive recipients of information but instead, in AR / VR, they actively participate in a physical and emotional dialogue with your product or brand.

Our unique combination of experience in theater, games, and marketing empowers us with the tools to navigate stagecraft and storytelling in the AR / VR space and deliver powerful results.

Successful Innovation

You’re here because you’re ready to explore how the future will impact your brand, and how your brand will impact the future.  By embarking upon this journey you are setting you and your organization up for success, learning what works for your brand in AR VR, and getting ahead of your competitors.

New Reality Arts uses our “5-Star Strategy” to ensure alignment between your goals and the final product every step of the way, even beyond the launch.  You’ll see measurable results, using leading analytics tools, that will help you track engagement and deepen brand relationships. We help you analyze performance, and fine-tune your campaigns for success in this evolving Mixed Reality Marketing landscape.

Actionable Data

Data analytics has transformed marketing and advertising over the past decade allowing for more targeted ad placement and much greater ROI for campaigns. One of the greatest value propositions, and perhaps the most unknown, for augmented and virtual reality in marketing and advertising is their capacity to capture consumer data at unprecedented levels.

Combining high-quality content with custom analytics allows us to understand with greater specificity who wants to engage with what product where and when. We can track their gaze, their length of gaze, their interactivity with items. We can measure not just their relationship to the scene itself, but how much they engage with each item within the scene.

Right now we can deliver this caliber of rich analytics-enabled content that directly tracks against your KPIs. Down the road, there will be a seamless translation from the gathered data to strategic ad placements both on traditional outlets and eventually, using the magic of AR and geolocation, wherever they are in real time, anywhere on Earth.

Matching Creators to Consumers

Based in the heart of San Francisco, New Reality Arts is your portal to the best and most creative AR and VR experts in the world.  But it takes more than just the right technologists to craft a truly powerful experience.  It takes a creative team who understands your brand culture and reflects the diversity of your target audience.  That’s why we’re constantly expanding our network of gender diverse AR and VR development specialists all around the world.

We deliver a carefully crafted custom team, with skills perfectly matched to the needs of your project, audience, and story, who will deliver superior on-brand experiences.  Pair this team with our end-to-end goal analysis, guidance and software development lifecycle management and you’ll receive the best possible product, expertly delivered and stress-free every time.

Knowledge Is Power

Whether you are embarking on ARVR for the first time or if you’re a seasoned creator, rapid innovation in this field means there’s always something new to learn. We believe that learning is a team sport and nothing makes us happier than to be able to share our knowledge with our clients while we learn together from each new project we undertake.  

A New Reality Arts project is more than a great ARVR experience, it’s an investment in your experience and expertise in the field.  We’re a high-communication team, so you will be in-the-know every step of the way.  When you need a win, all you have to do is call New Reality Arts.

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